Osakana storefront space rendering.

Osakana storefront space rendering.


Osakana will be a Japanese-style fish retailer dedicated to providing high-quality, local, and seasonal seafood to the community. Here, customers will find fresh, expertly sourced fish, prepared and presented with respect by the team behind Okonomi.

While New York has witnessed a recent flourishing of artisanal butcher shops, the number of local fish purveyors has noticeably diminished, despite the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Our aim is to help diversify the local food economy and revive the city’s connection with its neighboring ocean.

To do this, Osakana will not only offer a careful selection of local seafood for customers to purchase, but it will also provide a community space in which people can learn more about these ingredients through discussions, meals, tastings, and classes. We’ve discovered that a certain gratification comes from deepening our understanding of the food we consume. One of our goals is to help foster and spread that understanding.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign to open OSAKANA! Construction is now underway and we hope to be open for fish retail by August 2016.

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