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At Okonomi, we consider our food one plate and bowl at a time. With each dish, we strive to achieve a harmony between the ingredients and the pottery, upholding the belief that the vessel for Japanese cuisine is just as important as its contents.

Our plates and bowls are handcrafted by local artist Jordan Colón. They are made with New York soil, water, and wood. Once every other month, after each new firing, Okonomi hosts a touki-ichi (or “pottery fair”) in the studio space above the restaurant.

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私達は食器は食生活を豊かにする大切な要素であると信じています。Okonomiの食器はアメリカ人陶芸家Jordan Colónの手作り作品です。そんな素敵な食器をたくさんの方々にシェアしたいという目的で、「Okonomi 陶器市」を定期的に店の2階のスタジオで開催しております。